Workplace Change

Every textbook stresses the need for effective engagement in organisational change. It certainly involves more than merely 'communicating the message' in what is often a directive and even patronising way. Where issues are complex, stakes high or baggage troublesome, it is often sensible for the parties to go further and engage a joint resource – advisor, coach and facilitator whose job is not to give partisan advice but to promote the prospects of an agreed pathway and mutually beneficial outcome. A skilled facilitator can take the parties where they cannot go in unmediated exchanges.

CoSolve helps employers to recognize and then obtain that elusive 'best case' outcome by genuinely engaging with its workforce over sustainable change.

With sensible frameworks for discussion, trust can be built and parties can deliberate their way robustly and imaginatively to effective solutions.

Typically, two areas of need or opportunity arise:

  • where organisations must make significant or urgent change but are burdened by troubled histories or must deal with complex challenges; and
  • where organisations are seeking to establish a real competitive advantage by releasing the passion, creativity and talents of their already supportive workforce.
Implementing Workplace Change

How do we help?

CoSolve –

  • assists the parties clarify, communicate and understand their respective needs, goals and interests
  • helps establish processes for effective consultation and issues resolution
  • can assist with the underpinning research efforts
  • trains participants in problem-solving skills and coaches them in new styles of leadership roles
  • trouble-shoots specific issues as the arise
  • supports the wider rollout and cultural anchoring of the change, including ongoing advice, coaching and other intermediary services
Organisational Change